Marija & Anton

Are you thinking about having an intimate photo session on the beautiful island of Krk in Baška? Well, here’s why it’s a fantastic idea, especially if it’s done about a month before your big day!

First of all, an intimate photo session allows you to capture heartfelt and candid moments between you and your partner in a relaxed and natural setting. It’s all about documenting the emotions and connection that you share, rather than posing for traditional wedding portraits.

Choosing the stunning island of Krk for your photo session adds an extra touch of charm and enchantment to your images. The island offers breathtaking landscapes, from golden sandy beaches to rugged cliffs and crystal clear waters. You’ll have the perfect backdrop for creating timeless memories.

By having your intimate photo session about a month before your wedding, you’ll have enough time to incorporate the photos into your wedding preparations. Whether you want to display them at your reception, include them in your invitations, or even create a beautiful album, these images will add a personalised and meaningful touch to your big day.

During your intimate photo session, we’ll explore the beauty of Baška, seeking out both popular spots and hidden gems. I’ll guide you through different poses and scenarios that feel comfortable and authentic to you. My goal is to capture your genuine love and connection in a way that is both beautiful and meaningful.

So, if you’re looking for a unique and memorable way to capture your love story, consider having an intimate photo session on the island of Krk in Baška. Let me document the magic of your connection in a way that combines the authenticity of a documentary with the aesthetics of editorials. The result will be a collection of photos that truly showcase your love and tell your story in the most breathtaking way.